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With launch well behind us, players have had the opportunity to see whether they're 'in it to win it' or whether the game simply wasn't to their tastes.

Subsequently, we're recruiting mature (21+), active, helpful, sociable, team players, who enjoy getting to know / having a laugh with their guild mates. Ideally, we're seeking Lvl 45's with 300+AP, however, newbies who're active and dedicated will also be considered.

Alts (i.e. your Main is in another guild) or players who're merely dabbling in Blade & Soul (i.e. rarely log on because they're playing other MMOs)
need not apply.

We don't enforce, but do encourage our 45's to participate in daily PvE / PvP runs. We also have 'Big Brother Days' to help newbies / Alts
reach cap faster. :)

For more info, PM me HERE, whisper Yoshemaru / Immensity Oak in-game on Windrest EU; or apply HERE!

Congratulations to our Blade & Soul Founder's Pack Giveaway winner, Kamil Sowa! We'll be doing some other giveaways before launch, so keep an eye on our FacebookTwitter, and Home Page for details!

Join us in for Devilian's Public Launch tonight at 20:00 (GMT+2) on Segarro EU! Add Yoshemaru to friends in-game so we can keep in touch. Due to limited space, we're only accepting players who have applied on our website and forums, and who are 30. To move your application up on the waiting list, you may do the following:

REGISTER on our website / forums (we are not accepting members who aren't signed up on both).

WAIT until a spot becomes available.

Fellow Devilians! The hour is nearly upon us! Join us in for Devilian's Early Access launch tonight at 20:00 (GMT+2) on Segarro EU! Add Yoshemaru to friends in-game so we can keep in touch, and shower each other with gifts until the guild has been created! If I even get a whiff of impenetrable queues, unplayable lag, or server lockouts, I shall head over to Seadrift EU and create a guild there. The last thing I want is for all of the great folks we played with during BETA (and the new folks we have not yet had the pleasure of playing with) to be unable to join us!

Greetings, fellow Crickets, Jyan, and Jyansei!

<Grim Wolves> extends an invitation for you to participate in our Blade & Soul Founder's Pack Giveaway!

The giveaway is legitimate, and has been approved by NCSoft staff.
 Entry is restricted to EU region players.
 As per social media legal, site registration / likes / shares are not mandatory to enter (but would be obviously be appreciated!)
 Winner selection will be point-based (the more fields you complete, the more entries you receive, the higher your odds are of winning).
 The competition will close December 17, 14:00 UTC.
 Participants with the most points will be entered into a random draw, and a winner will be selected.
 Winner will be announced, and will receive their Founder's Pack digital key via email.

May the wind be at your back, Jyan! ᕙ(`▿´)ᕗ